TIP 20: Refer Friends to PAS

Referring other publishers to PAS has potential like no other referral. By pointing someone else to PAS you can earn a percentage based on the NET profits of any website the person you referred creates. PAS referrals literally reward you every month for the hard work of someone else!

How it’s done
I’ve recently added a “Referrals” button to your pas-admin. This page contains your unique referral link, as well as some sample banners you can use to promote PAS on a blog or website.

You can just send others your link, or potentially get many people to signup by posting a banner along with your code. You might want to consider posting a PAS banner in trafficked online venues where are very likely to already have rakeback.

If you know someone who is able to develop websites, or has the potential to do so, you can take advantage of a mutually beneficial relationship. You could assist him/her with developing their PAS website in exchange for them using your link to signup.

Remember, a single new tracker can be very valuable, but by referring a single publisher you can potentially receive rewards for dozens, hundred or even thousands of new rakeback accounts!

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