TIP 19: Explain Effective Rakeback Effectively!

We offer all our publishers over 100k in promotions each and every month. What does this really do for you? The industry, years ago, set caps on the amount of rakeback can be given at a particular site. The bottom line, is that at most poker sites, there is a maximum amount of rakeback that can be granted. We already allow you to provide this maximum amount and still make a profit. This means that no one anywhere else can offer a higher rakeback percentage than you!

Better than that, we offer special promotions that other affiliates can’t provide. This means, that although a player may only be able to get, say 40% at Minted Poker, you can give them more! Not in rakeback, but in effective rakeback, rakeback + promotions. As I write this post, there are 20 spots available for $25 at Minted Poker. This means that the next 20 people to hit the bottom level of the rake chase (something that isnt that hard to achieve) will be getting better than 40% rakeback – they’ll get 40% + $25!

This is the only way you can offer people something greater than the competition, and because we have special promotions at so many sites, you offers are significantly better that many other sites! The catch is that this is only effective if you can explain it to your audience in a way they can understand. Break it down, simplify it, and give your message some thought so that it is compelling and straightforward. If you do this well, you’ll find players abandoning other rakeback sites to come to yours!

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