TIP 16: Post your offers anywhere

The Offers XML feed allows you to post a list of your offers and link to them from anywhere on the internet. If you have a top level domain and a subdomain you can use this to post a list of your offers on your top level domain, but the possibilities don’t end there. You could post your offers on a blog, forum or any other website that you have control of.

You simply need to have a PAS rakeback website and access to a server that can run php files.

How it’s done

1. Copy the contents of the following link into a text editor:


2. Save your new file as e.g. “nav-offers.php”

3. before you close the editor, youll want to change “www.raketracker.com” to the URL of your PAS rakeback website (see below).

$xml = file_get_contents(‘http://www.raketracker.com/interfaces/api/offers.php’);4. Save and upload your new file to the server that hosts your website.

5. Add it to your new website using php’s include command:

You can now import style information from your rakeback site (pas_nav_offers in the skin css file) or apply your own.

You can also customize the structure of the list, and what values are included (such as sign up bonus, poker room network etc).

You now have a self updating menu of all the offers available at your rakeback site. Wherever it is posted on the web it will link back to your site and it will always display the offers and percentages that you choose to offer.

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