TIP 12: Show us your features!

Even if you have a small budget and a simple design, working with Poker Affiliate Solution’s software suite means your players have access to sophisticated account features.

(NOTE: Please be cautious not to show private offers on outer pages! If your not sure if something is sensitive please ask us, some poker site can be very finicky about this!)

The default skin system doesn’t showcase this very well. Because our publishers choose to present their website’s in so many different ways, we leave it up to you to sell the features that you think will be the most appealing.

How it’s done
Take some time to share in the user experience of your website by doing activities that you expect your users to do. Explore the statistics tracking and reporting, payments and profile features.

If you have some activity in your account, you should be able to take some screen-shots showcasing these features. You might be able to show a payment report, a statistics history, or a nice upward trending graph. You might want to use imaging software to elaborate on your screen-shots. Do this by editing some of the numbers to show how the interface would like if a user was earning hundreds or thousands in promotions, referrals or rakeback. In addition consider adding captions, or using arrows to point out specific features.

These displays should pique a potential signup’s interest and showcase both how income can be earned in different ways, and that you have an effective high tech account system.

Personally, whenever I consider creating an account for a particular service – whether I’m purchasing something or not – I look for screen shots of the interfaces I expect to be using. If a software provider can’t show me something that looks like it will do what I want in the way I want to do it, I’ll likely pass. Expect the same of your visitors, and show them that you have an advanced account and support system that is equitable to anything else from any other rakeback provider on the net!

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