Scott Seiver won event #21, $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em

Scott Seiver won event #21, $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em:
The chip count information were as follows:
Scott Seiver- $2,512,000
Rejesh Vohra- $1,040,000
Jacobo Fernandez- $848,000
Dave Seidman- $653,000
Adam Geyer- $645,000
Ben Sprengers- $441,000
Chuck Sklar- $439,000
Scott “SCTrojans” Freeman- $423,000
Anders Henriksson- $311,000
Scott Freeman was the first to go on just the second hand of play. He moved all-in preflop and Scott Seiver made the call.
Freeman: Ad Kd
Seiver: Qs Qd
Board: 8s 7d 6d 5s 7s
Scott Freeman was sent to the rails in 9th place with $68,714.
Dave Seidman was able to double up after he raised all in preflop for $618,000 and Scott Seiver made the call. Their hands:
Seidman: Js Ts
Seiver: Ks Kd
Board: 9h 8h 4s 4h 7d
With a 7 on the river, Seidman was able to survive.
Anders Henriksson raised to $60,000 preflop and both Ben Sprengers and Chuck Sklar called. The flop was Ks 9d 8h and Sklar bet $135,000. Henriksson raised all in for $285,000. Sprengers went all-in for $460,000 and Sklar went into the tank and then folded. Their hands:
Sprengers: As Ac
Henriksson: 9c 9s
Turn and River: Tc Ah
Henriksson went home in 7th with $120,249 in prize money
Seiver raised to $130,000 on a flop of Jc 8d 5s. Sklar moved all-in and Seiver made the call. Their hands:
Seiver: Ah Ac
Sklar: Ad Ks
Turn and River: 2d Qs
Sklar was eliminated in 6th place with a check for $154,606.
Rejesh Vohra was the next to get eliminated in fifth place in $195,834. Seidman raised to $100,000 preflop and Rejesh Vohra re-raised all in. Seidman called and their cards were shown:
Seidman: Kd Tc
Vohra: 4h 4c
Board: Ks Qc 5s 7d 9s
Next to go was Jacobo Fernandez, who went all in preflop. Seiver made the call. Their hands were shown:
Seiver: Ac 8h
Fernandez: K-K
Board: Ah 9c 9s Qd Jc
Fernandez was eliminated in fourth place with $238,871 in prize money.
The next to go was Sprengers in 3rd place. He got all his chips in on a flop of Js Th 8h and Seidman made the call. Their cards:
Seidman: 7h 6h
Sprengers: Q-Q
Turn and River: Kd Kh
Ben Sprengers won $292, 034 in earnings.
The last of hand of play started with Seidman raising to $200,000 preflop. Seiver made the call. The flop was 9s 7h 3s and Seidman checked. Seiver bet 380,000 and Seidman raised all in for $980,000. Seiver made the call and their hands were shown:
Seidman: Ad 7d
Seiver: Ks 9c
The turn and river: 5h 3s
Scott Seiver won $755,891 for 1st and Dave Seidman took home $482, 372 for 2nd.

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