Publisher Spotlight: VIPRakeback

Around 2 years ago I met the person that introduced me to what an affiliate was. He owns his own branded rakeback site and is doing very well. I kind of worked for him recruiting players and would get a percent of every player I brought to him. I realized how much money was to be made so I tried creating my own site, but that didn’t work out too well. I didn?t know how to get a sign up page on my site on my page etc., and I couldn’t keep up with the other rakeback sites as they offered huge freerolls and rakeraces, and the other sites had better percentages to offer to their players. After failing a few times I spent some money on a domain,, and set out to look for a designer. The only problem was a designer could have cost thousands of dollars. This is when I found PAS. I didn’t need to spend thousands on a designer or I didn’t need to work out deals with the poker sites which would have been a pain. Making my website was very easy with PAS. All I had to do was point my domain to their name servers and in literally 2 minutes I had a very nice branded rakeback site. Once the website was up it was very easy for me to make changes in my back end to make my site look better. PAS also makes it very easy to do SEO in your back end. Another main reason I went to PAS was because they offer MASSIVE rakeraces and freerolls. This creates huge incentive for players to sign up. When using PAS you can track all your players and how much you are making daily. PAS really made it easy for me to finally own a nice professional looking rakeback site.Thanks,VIPRakeback

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