Monday Sales Call: Coffee Is For Closers

I was sick last Monday and was unable to make my weekly post on Monday Sales Call. I hate being sick mainly because I dread laying on my couch, wasting brain cells watching TV. However, I was fortunate enough to catch three of my favorite movies while out sick. These films, and the following quotes, have taught me a great deal about the business world and life in general.“But the leads are weak!”-Glengarry Glen RossA lead is what you make of it. You can look at a sales lead and think “Oh man, this is a waste of time”. Or you can develop a plan (always have a plan!) and turn that weak lead into a serious prospect. In lieu of passing on future business, treat the weak lead like it is a possible whale. Worse case scenario: you are more prepared to pitch future whales. Several times I have come across what I thought to be a “weak lead” and ended up being introduced to a whale. Leads have friends in the industry who might have a need for the service/product you provide.“You want vacation time…go teach 3rd Grade public school”-Boiler RoomContrary to popular belief, online marketing is not a walk in the park with trash bags full of cash. The low barrier to entry in our industry produces fierce competition. While you may not have a guru coder or designer on your staff, you do have work ethic. If you can’t compete in marketing or ad spends then outwork your competition. Contact your current client base and make sure they are pleased with the service you are providing. Remember, the Internet is never closed. While you are sleeping someone overseas is busy trying to grab your market share.“What you see is a guy who never measured a man’s success by the size of his wallet”– Wall StreetSure, we all want to be the next Mark Cuban or Neil Patel. But at the end of the day we have an overwhelming desire to be happy with our lives. Many of us got into Internet marketing because we were bored or unhappy with our previous career. All the money in the world can’t buy the feeling of accomplishment. Do what you do best, and do it because you love it.Tony

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