Monday Sales Call: Vegas Baby

Byron (el presidente de PAS) and I are heading to Vegas this Friday to meet up with PAS friends, partners, and publishers. The last time I was in Vegas I went with my dad who was in town on business. I would grind 1/2 NL all day at the MGM and then hit up restaurants and shows with my dad at night. A lady of the night actually chose to hit up my father instead of me. Talk about depressing.My father is a life nit, so going with Byron will be a much different experience. He enjoys the gamble and will be an excellent trip partner. I have yet to disclose my snoring habits to Byron. Sorry Byron, it would be in your best interest to bring an ipod or ear muffs.I am playing the $1500 NLHE event this Saturday with hopes of shipping a nice score for me and my friends (I sold half of myself). Hopefully PokerAddict (PAS Player Support Rep) runs hot this week in Stud O8 cash games and decides to stay a few more days. John (PokerAddict) works from his home in South Dakota so I don’t get to see him very often (though we chat on IM everyday). He is the Rainman of online poker and I love picking his brain for info only a poker nerd would appreciate.I shared in a blog post a few months ago that I was cutting down on playing poker. I haven’t really played much in the last 8 weeks (3k hands). I used to grind mtts and sngs ALOT but with work and life I haven’t had the time or drive to play. Yesterday I decided to fire up 5 mtts (multi-table tournaments) to get prepared for the wsop. I ended up winning one and getting 10th in another (brag). I ran really well in showdowns with most of my bigger hands holding.Both mtts had at least 2.5k players so the field size was similar to a wsop event. Tournaments are all about having patience and picking the right spots to gamble. I hope I have the patience for a live tournament. Generally when I play NLHE cash at casinos I spew chips everywhere in the name of boredom.I hope to have an eventful trip report for you guys next week that involves either :a) me winning a bunch of moneyb) hanging out with an 80’s movie and/or rock star at a Bellagio craps table.c) kidnapping Mike Tyson’s tigerBe sure to check out From Busto To Robusto by 918 films. Krantz, Whitelime and a few other DeucesCracked coaches produced an amazing documentary on online poker. The film follows former McDonald’s employee Greg Lavery who made millions playing poker on the Internet before suffering a mental breakdown.Tony

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