Making an Appearance at Major Poker Events

While we are all internet marketers it is extremely important that we don’t miss out on opportunities that the brick and mortar world presents to us. I bring RakeTracker and PAS business cards to all live poker games and have easily given out 100 business cards in Deadwood, SD, my local poker town. At least two players have signed up just from the poker games in Deadwood and there is no telling how many other new players that have signed up that I never heard from again. There is not only the opportunity to find and retain players at the local poker rooms, making an appearance at major poker events can be a great marketing and retention tool as well.While in Las Vegas last week I visited the Rio for the WSOP festivities. I was wearing RakeTracker logowear. I received quite a few hellos, several handshakes and a couple of people I had lengthy conversations with, both of which are valued RakeTracker players. One of the players was impressed by the time I gave him to discuss the business and after that player went to go play a satellite I ran into another one of our players that was very interested in my knowledge of the entire online poker industryThis player is what I would describe as very valuable. While the player requires quite a bit of support it is because he refers quite a few players and always follows up with us to make sure the player got signed up correctly and to alert us if a player is new to online poker and requires extra attention. This player signs up friends from home poker games, a very good place to recruit new players. I discussed the industry at great length with the player. We even went out for a meal. Eventually we parted ways after lengthy poker and rakeback discussions. The one thing that this player said to me that will stick with me forever is “It is great to finally put a face with the name.”While this player isn’t a high volume player this player’s word of mouth will be priceless forever, especially with how many friends he refers. He will tell every poker friend about the experience he had with me at the Rio and those players will tell their friends all the way down the line. Get out there and help your players put a face with your name.

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