Monday Sales Call: Sanity Management Software

There was a discussion on an industry forum last week about the different work management software affiliates use. This got me thinking how grateful I am for my CRM and the sanity it promotes in my workday. I use Highrise to manage my relationships with PAS Publishers and partners. Highrise truly is a life saver. I have used Outlook in the past but the result was nil. I like having a web based solution so I can access my files from anywhere.Upon signing up at PAS, every new Publisher is entered into Highrise. Publishers are then tagged into relevant groups (market, region, content, language, etc…). Each client in Highrise gets a unique drop box address that is forwarded to their file. I BCC every email to the publisher’s drop box so I can reference email content in the future. I can’t begin to tell you how crucial this tool is for me and my workday sanity. Highrise also has a “Task” tool which allows me to schedule tasks concerning a specific email.We also use Basecamp here at the office. Basecamp is a project management software developed by the same guys as Highrise (37 Signals). Having a project meeting once a day is simply inefficient. Basecamp allows our employees to manage projects and delegate tasks via a centralized, web based, conference room. Each project has its own home page and we upload relevant files to the project page instead of using our network.Successfully and efficiently managing several relationships/projects on a day to day basis can be a daunting task without the proper tools. If you are in need of a CRM or Poject Management Software, I strongly recommend looking into Highrise and Basecamp.Tony

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