Monday Sales Call: PAS Promotions

The PAS Design Promotion is heading into the final stretch. We have a tight race and are eager to see the results on March 31st.I am excited to announce a new promotion for our Publishers here at PAS. Publishers will receive a professional site review by our staff covering the following areas:- Content (30 minute review)- SEO (30 minute review)- Design/Layout (30 minute review)- Marketing (30 minute review)To be eligible for this promotion, Publishers must meet one of the following two criteria:- $3,000 MGR (in the last 30 days)- 10 real money players in three consecutive monthsThis is a great chance for PAS Publishers to get a professional site review from experienced design, SEO, and marketing specialists. If you already meet the criteria above, please email us your site name and contact info to publishers (at)

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