Monday Sales Call: PAS 3.0

On Friday I had a chance to check out some of the development pages for PAS 3.0. While the project is still in its beginning stages, I was blown away by the work that Craig and our development team have achieved thus far. Since I mainly deal with servicing our wonderful publishers and marketing the PAS brand, I do not attend our daily development meetings.The company’s vision for a fully integrated rakeback solution has definitely evolved over the past 9 months. While the current CMS is sufficient for content customization, SEO, and design, we feel there is room for improvement. We envision a CMS that allows users to maximize their talents in design, SEO and marketing. The updated PAS will also enable our publishers to market traditional poker affiliate offers (CPA, Rev Share, and Hybrid) to their player base. While rakeback can be a very profitable venture, it is also a niche market. (Albeit a growing niche in poker affiliate marketing). We want to give our publishers the tools needed to market to the “non-rakeback player”.As someone who spends 10-12 hours a day on websites I have become quite the UX (User Experience) snob. Navigating your way around portals can be an exhausting task if webmasters haven’t take into account what their viewers want in a webpage. Having an interface that allows our publishers to easily navigate their Admin Area and grab the data they want from a centralized location is the optimal solution. The development pages I viewed on Friday blew me away. Craig has done a tremendous job of laying the UX groundwork for our development team. We would love to hear your suggestions for PAS 3.0 on the PAS Support Forum.Tony

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