Monday Sales Call: Mixed Games and Mixed Feelings

Last month I started playing the 8 Game rotation on Poker Stars (2-7 triple draw, LHE, Omaha H/L, Razz, Stud, Stud H/L, NLHE, and PLO). The challenge of learning new games has somewhat quenched my poker fix. I would probably be better off learning each game individually then playing them in a rotation. I have booked some decent wins in this game over the last few weeks. I am not naive enough to think this is because I some sort of mixed game prodigy. It has been a combination of run good and playing total droolers who simply don’t know the rules to the games (or get them mixed up). The 8 Game rotation has become extremely popular on Poker Stars. Many of the big name regulars at Bobby’s Room have been playing the 400/800 game and thus it has seemed to catch on with the online regs. I really wish the other sites would open up a similar game so I can get rakeback while playing :)Despite my new found fascination with 8 Game, I have become increasingly bored with poker as of late. The challenge and mental stimulation just isn’t there anymore. While my win rate has steadily increased in NLHE cash games over my last 20k hands (2 months), I find myself quitting halfway through sessions. I have found that I recently play poker solely out of habit. Poker simply doesn’t bring me the happiness it used to.Over the weekend I spent a few hours contemplating what aspects of my life bring me happiness and what things simply fill time. I am mature enough to realize that life isn’t all about being happy and there are things we have to do which we do not partially enjoy. But when it comes to my free time, I have a choice. Poker has been a time fill for me as of late. I feel there are other activities out there which could fill the void that poker has seized to complete in my life. I know I am leaving financial gains on the table by taking a break from poker but I hope to add different kinds of value to my life through alternative activities. Activities that can bring me immediate satisfaction and others which generate long term benefits (working out, investments, projects around the house, etc).I know this post doesn’t touch on the elements of our industry or shed light on Internet marketing strategies. However, I have found benefit in examining the parallels that life and work bring to the table. My business life is inherently affected by my personal time spent outside of the office. Realizing the aspects of our personal lives which bring us value (happiness, security, self-esteem) and those that simply fill time in our day is also interchangeable with our careers. Similar aspects are found in my work day and directly affect my professional goals.Finding a niche I love and figuring out creative ways to bring said product/service to the end user is my idea of professional success. I have found the niche I truly enjoy in poker. I think it helps to work in an industry where I am the target customer. In the beginning, I had access to what the end user was thinking by examining my own wants and needs as a player. In the coming weeks, I plan on reading several business related books (Godin/Friedman) and examining the stock market for potential investments. I am excited to see our industry from another angle as I take a break from the poker table and will share my experience with you guys in the coming months.Tony

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