Monday Sales Call: I Finally Gave into Twitter

I finally gave in and created a Twitter account for PAS. The account will be used to market PAS as well as update our existing publishers on new rooms, software upgrades, promotions and much more. I will also throw in some personal Tweets about what kind of trouble I find myself in outside of the office. I really loathe seeing Tweets on Facebook so I will not subject my friends to such tomfoolery.I was offered rakeback yesterday on Twitter and Facebook! Both messages went something like this:”Hi! I saw you like poker. We should make a rakeback deal!’Hmmm. Why should I give you business? If you are going to blatantly spam me on a social network at least pitch yourself. Tell me what you offer (rooms, cash out, support, etc) and what separates you from other rakeback affiliates.So far I have 31 followers. About 60% of them are spam accounts. They probably found me by searching “affiliate” or “poker” on Twitter. I have been hesitant to create an account for PAS. I don’t think Twitter is a viable marketing channel. I finally gave in and decided to find out for myself. I hope to prove myself wrong 🙂

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