Jason Young wins WSOP event #17, $1,500 No-limit Hold’em Shootout

Jason Young wins WSOP event #17, $1,500 No-limit Hold’em Shootout
Seat 1: Casey ColemanSeat 2: Matthew GiannettiSeat 3: Thomas WestSeat 4: Rory MonahanSeat 5: Kyle BowkerSeat 6: John Strzemp IIISeat 7: Mike SchwartzSeat 8: Sergey RybachenkoSeat 9: Jason YoungSeat 10: Alexander Triner
Each player started out with 300,000 chips.
Casey Coleman was the first to get eliminated from the final table. After losing a huge chunk of his chips to Matthew Giannetti, Casey Coleman became rather short stacked. Coleman decided to make a stand with his AQ against Mike Schwartz’s 88. With no help on the flop, the turn and river threw out J and T. Casey Coleman went home in 10th place with $7, 507.
Alexander Triner was eliminated in 9th place making $9,828 in earnings. His pocket Jacks ran up against John Strzemp’s QQ and the Queens held up.
Tom West had a short stack and tried to make a move, he put all his chips in with A-Q. Young made the call while holding A-K. After a board full of low cards, Tom West hit the rails in 8th place making $12,421 in earnings.
The next two eliminations came on one hand. Kyle Bowker raised to 100k and John Strzemp and Schwartz both called, and Sergey Rybachenko shoved his last 300k in. Bowker moved all in and Strzemp folded. But Schwartz called with A-Q, which beat out Bowker’s Q-9. Schwartz’s A-Q held up and both Sergey Rybachenko and Kyle Bower were eliminated. Rybachenko in 7th with $15, 697 and Bowker in 6th with $23,887.
Matt Giannetti was the next to get eliminated in 5th place after his A-T was beat out by Schwartz’s Q-9. After an A-high flop, Giannetti thought for sure he had this hand in the bag, Then with a Q on the turn and a 9 on the river Giannetti was eliminated with $40, 267.
Rory Monahan made a quick exit after being forced to shove while holding 5 6 suited. Strzemp on the other hand was holding A Q. The flop, A J T, was great for Strzemp. Monahan never got any help from the turn or river. Rory Monahan was eliminated in 4th place and won $82, 582.
Strzemp’s final hand of the shootout started with him betting 175k after the K-7-2 and Schwartz made the call. Strzemp bet 500k after a 5 on the turn and Schwartz called. With the king on the river, Strzemp moved all in and was met by an immediate call from Schwartz. Schwartz revealed a hand of K-8, while Strzemp showed a hand of Q-9. John Strzemp III went to the rails in 3rd place with a check for $129,675.

At the start of the heads up play, some began to think they were about to witness one of the best comebacks ever. Down to less than 200k in chips, Schwartz managed to work his way back to over 3 million in chips. However, he was still at a 2-1 chip disadvantage.
Unfortunately for Schwartz, the comeback didn’t last long. On the last hand of the tournament, the last two players got all-in pre-flop. Young’s A-J was against Schwartz’s 4-4. The flop changed nothing, but the Ah on the turn gave Young the lead. Once the Qc fell on the river it was over. Michael Schwartz left in 2nd with $209,527. Jason Young left with a WSOP bracelet and $355,565 in prize money.

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