Event #22, $3,000 H.O.R.S.E, is won by Jens Voertmann

Event #22, $3,000 H.O.R.S.E, is won by Jens Voertmann
A total of 414 players vied to win a tournament that rewards players with skill in the four most popular games in poker: hold’em, Omaha, razz and stud. First time bracelet winner Jens Voertmann was able to out last final table superstars Jennifer Harman and Marcel Luske in his victory.
Final table players, their chip totals and seats:
Seat 1: Rostislav Tsodikov 140,000Seat 2: Doug Ganger 405,000Seat 3: Jennifer Harman 271,000Seat 4: Steve Zolotow 180,000Seat 5: Jens Voertmann 485,000Seat 6: Jared Davis 185,000Seat 7: Hoyt Corkins 595,000Seat 8: Marcel Luske 572,000
Jennifer Harman was the first player to bust during razz. Doug Granger bet his hand to the river, while Harman called the whole way. Granger showed 7-5-4-3-2 for seven low, and Harman mucked a possible eight low. She won $30,857 for her 8th place finish.
Only a few hands later, Rostislav Tsodikov was eliminated during stud. His nines would not hold up against Jens Voertmann’s queens. A 7th place finish would earn Tsodikov $47,990.
Stud claimed another victim, when Steve Zolotow pushed all in with a pair of sixes on fourth street. He was called by Hoyt Corkins. Corkins held a flush draw that hit on seventh street to eliminate Zolotow.
Zolotow, finished in 6th, earning $47,990.
Jared Davis was the next player to fall, also during stud. Voertmann would send Davis home after moving all in on seventh street with a set of aces; two of which were hole cards. Davis would call with a pair of sixes showing. Davis’s 5th place finish would reward him with $61,702.
During hold’em, Hoyt Corkins would move all his chips into the pot after an AdTsKd flop. Corkins would show KhQc when Marcel Luske called with Ac9d. The As turn and 3h river would improve only Luske and Corkins would be sent packing in 4th place, winning $81,698.
It would be three hours before another player would be eliminated. Luske would find himself all in during stud against Voertmann. The cards at the end of the hand:
Luske: (9h5h)9cQh4dJs(x)
Voertmann: (Jh9d)Ac7h8cAh(Kc)
Voertmann’s aces would be good enough to win the hand. Luske pocketed $110,264 for his 3rd place finish.
Voertmann was a 2:1 chip leader during heads up play. Stud would eliminate yet another player when Ganger was all in on third street with (8c8h)9c and Voertmann held (5d5c)7c. Ganger would improve with a 9 on fourth street, butGanger would find jacks on fifth and sixth street for the better two pair. Ganger would walk away in second place, $182,822 richer.
Yet another first time winner was awarded a WSOP bracelet as Jens Voertmann won what many consider to be the toughest test in poker: H.O.R.S.E. He pocketed $298,253 for his win.

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