Daniel Negreanu wins Event #20: $2,000 Limit Hold’em

Daniel Negreanu wins Event #20: $2,000 Limit Hold’em
Six of the final nine players were sitting at their first WSOP final table, giving a huge edge to Negreanu, who had won three previous WSOP bracelets over all.
The final nine players with their seats and chip totals starting the day were as follows:
Seat 1: David Baker — 409,000
Seat 2: Jeremy Kottler — 47,000Seat 3: Hien Tran — 58,000Seat 4: Ugur Marangoz — 402,000Seat 5: Fu Wong — 67,000Seat 6: Greg Wohletz — 301,000Seat 7: Daniel Negreanu — 308,000Seat 8: Derek Lerner — 133,000Seat 9: Richard Li — 195,00
Only four hands into the final table, Hien Tran was the first player out. Fu Wong raised preflop and Tran called. The flop came QcTc7d. Tran proceeded to check call the flop to see a 9c turn. Tran bet the turn and Wong called. The 9d river saw Tran all-in and Wong calling him down with pocket jacks. Tran mucked his cards and was out in 9th place, earning $18,785.
A Negreanu raise from the small blind and a Derek Lerner reraise from the big blind started the final hand of the tournament for Lerner. Negreanu called the reraise and the flop revealed Jh6d3s. Negreanu bet and was raised by Lerner, who was then all-in. Negreanu made the call and showed, Qd6h, for a flopped middle pair. Lerner showed Ah Qs. The turn, 7s, and river, Th, would end the tournament for Lerner. He would exit in 8th place, with a payday of $25,334.
Greg Wohletz had a chance to quadruple up in a four way pot with Richard Li, Ugur Marangoz and Fu Wong. Wohletz was all in preflop after a raise from Li. Wong took the side pot on the turn when Li and Marangoz folded to his bet. Li and Wohletz then showed their cards:
Wohletz: Kc3s
The board, 7s4c2c8h6h, didn’t give Wohletz a pair, and he was out in 7th place, earning $31,886.
Jeremy Kottler was now the short stack and called all-in on a preflop raise from David Baker. Kottler had the better starting hand, Kc4c, to Baker’s Qs9s. The flop, As7c2h, missed both players, as did the 2c turn. The river, 9s, gave Baker a pair. Kottler walked away with $40,622 and a 6th place finish.
Wong was next to go when he got into a heads up match with Negreanu. Negreanu raised preflop and Wong called from the big blind. The Jh7d4s flop was bet by Negreanu, raised by Wong and three bet by Negreanu. Wong called to see a Th turn. Wong check called all-in and showed 5c6s, for the open ended straight draw, while Negreanu showed QdJc, for top pair. The river, 2c, did not make Wong’s straight, and he was out in 5th place, earning $51,542.
Richard Li raised Marangoz preflop only to be reraised. Li made the call to see a Qc7s2d flop. Marangoz bet the flop and Li called. The 8c turn saw Li move all-in. Marangoz called. Li was holding Kc5c and was looking for another club, while Marangoz held 9c9s. The river missed Li when a 5s fell. Li exited in 4th place, pocketing $63,335.
The third place finisher, David Baker, would go out at the hands of Negreanu. He called a Negreanu preflop raise, to see a 2s8hTh flop. Negreanu led out and Baker called. The Ah turn saw a Negreanu bet and a Baker raise, which Negreanu called. Negreanu bet the 9s river to force an all-in call from Baker. Negreanu triumphantly showed his Q-J, for a straight. Baker was out in 3rd place, winning $78,624.
Heads up play was dominated by Negreanu, as he won every hand. On the final hand of the tournament, Marangoz checked his big blind and the flop came Kh5s5d. Both players checked to see a Qh on the turn. Again, both players checked. The river was a 3h, which Marangoz bet. Negreanu raised and Marangoz made an all-in call. Negreanu had slow played his flopped trips with 9s5h. Marangoz mucked and took home $126,671 for his 2nd place finish.
Negreanu took 1st place and $204,874 by outlasting 478 other players to win his 4th WSOP bracelet overall and his second in four years in the $2,000 Limit Hold’em tournament.

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