Monday Sales Call – Refer A Friend Program

The Refer A Friend program on your rakeback site is essential to growing your player base. The Refer a Friend program has played a huge role in Raketracker becoming one of the top rakeback sites in the world. Word of mouth marketing is terribly important in the online poker industry.How many of your players are aware that you have a Refer a Friend program on your rakeback site? Are they aware that they increase their poker bankroll by referring friends to your rakeback offers? Send your players a newsletter describing the benifits of the program to their bankroll and/or wallet.The Refer a Friend program is free money for you the Publisher! For just the small fee you to pay to existing players, you reach additional prospects you would have otherwise never had the opportunity to convert. There is nothing like free advertising/marketing.Best,Tony GuerreroAffiliate Manager

Our Apologies

Our servers were down for about six hours today. We find this as unacceptable as you. Normally, we do not even need to request a server reboot – it simply happens. Our hosting provider has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This has not been honored this month and we have taken it up with them.Ultimately, however, we must and do accept responsibility. We will work to do whatever we can to make sure this does not happen again.We apologize.

Joe Made Me Do It

Not sure if all of you know Joe Tall. He’s got a coaching site and is one of the founders of Deuces Cracked. If you don’t know Joe or Deuces, you should. If you haven’t thought of a cross promotion deal involving poker coaching, you should. It could do great things for your rakeback site. Better players generate significantly more revenue to their affiliate.Yesterday, Joe told me to listen to the audio book Tribes by Seth Godin. I’ve been a Godin fan for a long time, but hadn’t gotten around to Tribes. I think I’ve probably read about 6 or 8 Godin books. One of the reasons I hadn’t yet read Tribes was my feeling that all Godin books have the same few messages.But then I listened to the entire thing last night. I had forgotten that those messages are some of the most important in business and need to be heard over and over again.

  • Safe choices in business are boring. Customers will not care. No one will talk about you. You will ultimately be ignored.
  • If you don’t do something worth remarking on, you will never be a smashing success.
  • Be a leader. Be a thoughtmaker. Lead a “tribe.”
  • Do something because you’re passionate about, not just because it can make you a buck.

Before embarking on your next project or website, answer Seth’s question: “How can I create something that critics will criticize?”

Sun Poker Moving to iPoker

Shortly after the announcement by Cryptologic that they were moving to Boss Media Sun Poker announced they would leave Cryptologic and move to iPoker. Sun Poker will be forced to stop paying rakeback due to iPoker policies. Instead Sun Poker will be offering a VIP Program. Players that sign up for Sun Poker before they move to iPoker will automatically be entered in their third VIP tier instead of starting at the bottom. We expect Sun Poker to move during December 2008 or January 2009. This is a great incentive for players to sign up for Sun Poker before the move. If you create custom content on your site you may want to add this to your glance page and news. If you use our default pages it has already been added.

Monday Sales Call – The PAS Community Forum

PAS is very excited to announce the launch of The PAS Community Forum. Be sure to stop by and create an account on the forum so we can hear your questions, comments and suggestion.We encourage all PAS Publishers to post questions/comments regarding site customization and site administration in the appropriate forum. The PAS tech, design and support team will be checking the forum throughout the day to answer any questions you may have.Best,Tony GuerreroAffiliate ManagerPoker Affiliate Solutions

BetOnBet Added to PAS

BetOnBet is now available to PAS publishers. BetOnBet is a member of the Microgaming/Prima Network. The offer will show as a bonus offer as Microgaming does not allow sites to offer rakeback to a player until they have actually converted. Players will receive a 100% up to $500 bonus that is not deducted from MGR. They will also receive a 30% “loyalty bonus” which is the highest allowed by Microgaming. To add BetOnBet to your site go to your admin section and click View/Moderate existing sites and offers.

What does the Cryptologic/Boss Media Merger Mean to us?

There have been some conflicting opinions on what the Cryptologic/Boss Media poker merger means to players and affiliates. Some argue that less competition is bad for the industry. Others are worried that their Cryptologic players will not like the software and leave. Some worry that if a player wanted to play on Boss they would be playing there anyway and not Cryptologic while others worry the monthly bonuses will go away.

While all of their negatives certainly have a case I feel this can turn out to be a good thing in the long term. Let’s face it, Cryptologic has seen better days. They have seen major skins leave the network. Littlewoods and Poker Plex have already left, WPTOnline has announced they are closing and William Hill has already announced they are leaving to iPoker. This has shrunk the player base by 20% and that is with William Hill still around for a few more months.

In my opinion Cryptologic and Boss Media are a great match. Both have the same rakeback cap, they do not deduct bonuses from MGR, have strong gaming businesses outside of poker and have strong gaming brands. This will help attract new players to the network and help retain existing players. The game quality on Cryptologic and Boss Media are also about the same so not much will change there.

So what about affiliates? What will happen with us? While it will give us one fewer network to offer the skins on the new Boss Media/Cryptologic Network will have more competition between them. There should be more promotions and bonuses for our players. I feel it is safe to assume the standard Boss Media bonus of 20% contributed rakeback will stay the same. This makes a bonus 50% rakeback when combined with the standard 30% rakeback.

The one concern I have is that currently Boss Media has a minimum $100 MGR policy for players to get rakeback in a month. If Boss Media continues to enforce this then it may alienate some micro limit players. It is possible that the Cryptologic skins may not have this policy. For that reason, and the fact Boss Media limits the number of accounts a player can have to three on the network, makes this a great time to encourage players to sign up for our existing Cryptologic offers on BetSafe, Sun Poker and Interpoker. The merger will take place during the first quarter of 2009.

Betfair Added to PAS

Betfair Poker is now available for all PAS publishers. Players receive 30-37% rakeback depending on their points earned in a calendar month. This has been a poker room that has been requested by quite a few players so we expect Betfair to convert very well. If you want to add Betfair to your site go to your admin section and click View/Moderate existing sites and offers.

Monday Sales Call – The PAS Top 5

Below are the top five things you can do as a PAS Publisher to improve your rakeback site. All of these suggested actions are fairly simple and can improve your search ranking and user interface tenfold. Each suggestion links to a step by step guide on the PAS Wiki Page.1. Customizing Meta and Title Tags can improve your Google ranking by up to 25%. This process is very easy and can improve your website’s traffic flow.2. Add custom content to your rakeback site by creating unique poker room descriptions/reviews on your offer pages. Start a poker blog on you rakeback site talking about your poker experience. Also, be sure to create a welcome message on the front page of your site.3. Add new rakeback offers when they are available. Check your Admin area for new PAS rakeback rooms and make sure that your players know about the new offers.4. Change the order of how your offers are displayed. Some rooms are more popular than others in different regions of the world. Why is the most popular poker room in your market on the bottom of your site’s offer page? Changing the order of your rakeback offers is easy and often overlooked.5. Contact your players telling them about new promotions and offers. Remember, your players come to you for their poker room information, so be proactive!Best,Tony GuerreroAffiliate ManagerPoker Affiliate Solutions

Monday Sales Call 11-3-2008

And the Winner Is …! Congratulations to the winner of the first ever PAS Publisher Promotion! Menos Rake wins a £1,500 seat plus accommodations to the Gala Coral British Poker Tour Grand Final, courtesy of Poker Affiliate Solution. Good Luck! PAS will be sweating via the internet, so make us proud.The contest was extremely close and literally came down to the last few hours. Stay tuned for information on the next publisher promotion.Best,Tony GuerreroAffiliate ManagerPoker Affiliate Solutions