Joe Made Me Do It

Not sure if all of you know Joe Tall. He’s got a coaching site and is one of the founders of Deuces Cracked. If you don’t know Joe or Deuces, you should. If you haven’t thought of a cross promotion deal involving poker coaching, you should. It could do great things for your rakeback site. Better players generate significantly more revenue to their affiliate.Yesterday, Joe told me to listen to the audio book Tribes by Seth Godin. I’ve been a Godin fan for a long time, but hadn’t gotten around to Tribes. I think I’ve probably read about 6 or 8 Godin books. One of the reasons I hadn’t yet read Tribes was my feeling that all Godin books have the same few messages.But then I listened to the entire thing last night. I had forgotten that those messages are some of the most important in business and need to be heard over and over again.

  • Safe choices in business are boring. Customers will not care. No one will talk about you. You will ultimately be ignored.
  • If you don’t do something worth remarking on, you will never be a smashing success.
  • Be a leader. Be a thoughtmaker. Lead a “tribe.”
  • Do something because you’re passionate about, not just because it can make you a buck.

Before embarking on your next project or website, answer Seth’s question: “How can I create something that critics will criticize?”

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