Monday Sales Call – The PAS Top 5

Below are the top five things you can do as a PAS Publisher to improve your rakeback site. All of these suggested actions are fairly simple and can improve your search ranking and user interface tenfold. Each suggestion links to a step by step guide on the PAS Wiki Page.1. Customizing Meta and Title Tags can improve your Google ranking by up to 25%. This process is very easy and can improve your website’s traffic flow.2. Add custom content to your rakeback site by creating unique poker room descriptions/reviews on your offer pages. Start a poker blog on you rakeback site talking about your poker experience. Also, be sure to create a welcome message on the front page of your site.3. Add new rakeback offers when they are available. Check your Admin area for new PAS rakeback rooms and make sure that your players know about the new offers.4. Change the order of how your offers are displayed. Some rooms are more popular than others in different regions of the world. Why is the most popular poker room in your market on the bottom of your site’s offer page? Changing the order of your rakeback offers is easy and often overlooked.5. Contact your players telling them about new promotions and offers. Remember, your players come to you for their poker room information, so be proactive!Best,Tony GuerreroAffiliate ManagerPoker Affiliate Solutions

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