TIP 4: Software/Products/Resources I love

As a Desk Jockey who clings to the internet like a lifeline, I’m constantly on the computer and occasionally using it for work. Today I’m sharing with you a collection of software, websites, products and resources that make being chained to a desk all day tolerable and even, at times, pleasant. Enjoy!

Internet Browsers
Firefox is the real workhorse here, but I keep all the others on hand for occasional compatibility checks. FWIW I installed Chrome for my fiance’s personal laptop, I think its lightweight, sleek and speedy and a very good choice for personal use.

Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Image Editing
I love my Photoshop, after internet browsers it is the software I use most. I’m getting increasingly proficient and Illustrator and would like to find some time to learn InDesign. Currently, I’m attempting to tackle the basics of a 3D development tool called Blender, but I occasionaly use Sketchup if I need a quick 3D render.

Adobe Photoshop
Adoble Illustrator
Google Sketchup

Banners and Animation
I do this rarely enough that its not really worth it to me to master some of the more complex development tools, so I use some affordable and easy to grasp alternatives.

Bannership Gif Animator
Swish Max

HTML/CSS Editing
I love my EditPlus. I’ve been using this sleek little program for many years and love its simple, straightforward interface and low price. There are so many websites I could put in here, but I’m going to put just two amazing resources. W3Schools is a website youll probably see without even looking for it, as it dominates search results for many CSS properties, and rightfully so. Listamatic is THE resource for building proper navigation and menus.

W3 Schools

So I use a free mail program that’s not Thunderbird… deal with it .

Windows Live Mail

File Transfer
SmartFTP used to be one of the best free programs on the internet. Now you have to pay, and I was pretty pissed off that they held my favorites for ransom until I did. Even with my grudge I still own three licenses for this program.


The Dell 3007WFP is simply stunning, the ability to have to full sized browser windows side by side for using the CMS editor and preview is a huge time saver. Thanks Chris! I had to give up my aeron chair not long ago, I miss it dearly!


Logitech MX Revolution
Bose Around Ear Headphones
Aeron Chairs

Productivity and MISC

Open Office
An Assistant

The Current
Digg Design
Adult Swim Video

I’m sure I’ve left many out. What tools can’t you live and work without?

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