Tip 35: Getting Organized

It’s very easy to underestimate how far a little organization can go when it comes to growing your affiliate venture and padding your bottom line. Every new idea, spark of inspiration, or shared insight has the potential to put you ahead of the pack and generate steady, regular revenue – provided you don’t forget about it!The bad news is that there is rarely a perfect solution, and it takes real work to develop and maintain good organizational habits. Fortunately, there’s good money to be made creating applications that help us manage our time and resources and technology has made them attractive, accessible and affordable.How It’s DoneDo some research finding applications or methods that work best for you. Don’t be discouraged if the first thing you try fails miserably or just doesn’t feel comfortable. Some people work best with a legal pad or spiral notebook, others use the the latest cutting netbook or iphone aps and can’t imagine life without them.Some suggestionsReminders/NotesExamples: Evernote, Microsoft One NoteFeed ReadersSubscribe to quality RSS feeds and bookmark quality posts for later perusal.Examples: Google Reader, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, many many more!Documentation, spreadsheets, charts and listsOrganize documents and create spreadsheets and charts to track your progress and plan initiatives.Examples: Microsoft Office, Open OfficePlan Activites and Coordinate with PartnersKeeping an hour by hour by hour schedule isn’t for everyone, but regular reminders that keep you aware and accountable can be a huge boost.Examples: Google Calendar BasecampWhat productivity tools to you use? What popular tools are over hyped and not worth the effort?

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