TIP 3: Write Good!

Monday I wrote briefly about the importance of adding new pages to your websites and developing them using search friendly techniques. I have long contended that most developers focus too much on SEO and far to little on creating a bona fide attraction. Look at it this way, if you are lucky enough to work for Google, I like to think that your mission is help people find relevant content that they like. Thus, if you create a useful, instructional, entertaining website that people will want to see, Google now shares with you the mission to bring an audience to your website.

So my tip is two parts, the first is a well written article on… well writing well.

20 Tips on How to Write for the Web

If you read, then reread that link (I know you did), you might now need something to write about. Here are a few ideas.

– Explain Rakeback to Beginners
– Take a close look at how promotions make an individual site a better value then rakeback alone.
– Share your personal experiences playing at a particular poker room or in a particular promotion.
– Share interesting anecdotes about your experinces in the gambling industry.
– Use the news management system to post a simple poker tip of the day.
– Use the news management system to post a hand of the day.
– Explain what refer a friend means, and how our system allows much better deals for referring others than the online poker rooms typically do.
– Write articles that specifically pertain to your particular audience, e.g. Finding online poker rooms in Portugal etc.
– Encourage interaction with your players by posting emails or questions that you are frequently asked.
– Create your own contests, design t-shirts online, or use a online retailer to distribute prizes to winners. Even small prizes can generate allot of interest if they offer things your audience loves!
– Write about upcoming local poker events/news
– Update your players on interesting online tournaments/results
– encourage your players to try new games such as Razz or Triple draw, gives basic tips and list sites where these games are offered.
– Provide links to some of your favorite resources, even if you don’t directly profit from them
– Build credibility by actually discussing the weaknesses of some online poker sites – along with strengths
– Tell gamblers what to watch out for, and how to protect their dollars online, explain why your site is safe and reliable
– Explain cash out and deposit methods. Focus on how players can easily send money to and get money from particular poker rooms
– Stress that players can make regular income playing poker if they stick to some very important guidelines
– Explain how poker networks work, and what makes them different
– Teach your players how they can build a robust bankroll by taking advantage of bonuses across multiple sites
– Interview an online celebrity, poker playing friend or software developer
– List some little known facts about online poker and its origins
– Write about the legal ramifications of playing poker, online or live, in your area

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