The difficulty of good, fresh content

Many, if not most, affiliate marketers make money by supplying good, fresh content. In order to succeed, content must be helpful, relevant, current, and must entice further action. In addition, it must add value.Despite being top-notch affiliate marketers, content is not our strong suit. If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may know this already. 😉 I have been thinking about why this is the case. After all, we know the online poker industry as well as anyone. We’re all highly intelligent. We can add plenty of value. Some of us are even pretty decent writers.But we are not, by nature, teachers. We expect a user to “get it.” This is the wrong approach when using content in affiliate marketing. A good content affiliate marketer teaches a user whatever she needs to know about the product she is going to buy or engage in. This is why affiliate monetization of a poker coaching site or strategy forum is often the perfect fit.Monetizing existing sites is exactly what Poker Affiliate Solutions does. We provide tools for the good “teachers” to make more money from their “teaching” talents.We have made a few hires recently to improve our content and our teaching on both Poker Affiliate Solutions and on our Rakeback from Raketracker retail property. The only difficulty of this decision was knowing that once we make the plunge, we need to keep our content fresh. And that is the difficulty of content for so many affiliate marketers. If this is not you, and your passion is selling through teaching and churning out great article after great article, our hats are off to you. And we’d love to help you make more money from your talents.

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