Thang Luu Wins event No. 6

The majority of the attention of the WSOP Omaha eight or better event #6 was on Scott Clements, who in this competition was shooting for his third WSOP bracelet. But surprisingly, he was the first to go. Thang Luu ended up walking away with $243,356 in prize money and his first ever WSOP bracelet. The final table starting chip count was as following:
Thang Luu-640,000
Chris Falconer-331,000
Greg Jamison-275,000
Mark Wilds-225,000
Spencer Lawrence-220,000
Scott Clements-220,000
George Guzman-195,000
Craig Sabel-160,000
James Pritchard-155,000

Scott Clements already has two WSOP bracelets and was the suspected winner for this competition. After being weakened on a previous hand, Clements went all in for his last $12,000. James Pritchard calls in the small blind and Thang Luu checked his option in the big blind. The flop was a Jd, Js, and a 9h, both players checked. The turn and river are revealed and Pritchard shows a Kd, Js, Qs, 2s and takes the with jacks full. Clement walks away with $22,172.
Thang Luu and George Guzman were in a hand and checked a flop of Qd, 10s, 7h. Mark Wilds was already all in with his last $10,000 in the small blind. After a turn of 7c, Guzman bet $60,000, Luu folded and Guzman showed a hand of Ac, Js, 9d, 7d, Wilds showed a hand of Jc, 9s, 4d, 2d. Wilds needed an eight or a king to keep going with a straight, but the river was a Ah giving Guzman a full house and thus causing Wilds to end it in eighth place with $30,700 in prize money.
Craig Sabel was eliminated in seventh place with $39,228 after him and Spencer Lawerence revealed the following hands:
Lawrence-Qc, Qd, 6h, 4d
Sabel- Ad, Jd, Qs, 6s
With Lawrence leading with his set of queens, Sabel needed a low card to split or a ten to scoop. Instead, the river was a 4h and Sabel was eliminated.
Although against three limpers, Greg Jamison went all in with his last $25,000, and the limpers checked all the way down with a flop of As, 6h, 3c, 10s, Qc. Once the hands were shown Guzman had a 8-4 which was good enough for the low and Lawrence’s set of ten took the high. Jamison mucked his hand and was eliminated in sixth place with $50, 598 in prize money.
Chris Falconer raised all in for his last $80,000 and was called by both Thang Luu and George Guzman in the blinds, both players checked, once the hands were shown Luu revealed a flush for the pot and Chris Falconer was eliminated in fifth place with $64,243.
James Pritchard, getting low and desperate to make a move, put all his chips in the middle while holding a 10d, 6s, 5d, 4s while Luu held Kh, Qh, 9h, 2d. The board revealed a Jd, Jc, 4d, Ks, and a 7c. Luu’s turned king bet out Pritchard and sent him home in fourth place with $78, 456.
George Guzman was eliminated in third place with $93, 806 in prize money after going all in on the preflop and being beat out by Spencer Lawrence’s when he turned over aces full.
Because Thang Luu’s aggressiveness, he was able to gain a 3-1 chip lead on Spencer Lawrence who wasn’t getting anything on the flops. On the final hand, Luu raised the preflop and Lawrence called it.
The flop: Ks, 8d, 7d.
Luu bet again. Lawrence raised, and Luu went all-in, Lawrence called it. Their hands:
Lawrence’s-9d, 6h, 5d, 5c.
Luu’s- Kd, 7h, 4d, 3s
The turn and river showed a Kc and 8c, giving Luu a full house, the pot, and his $243,356. Lawrence went out in second with respectable $156, 343 in prize money.

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