Stop Trying to Be a Perfect Online Poker Marketer

Most people are driven by fear and greed. If you play online poker, you can see it very acutely. Fear can overpower, then, within seconds, greed can consume you.But not as many people realize the same exact thing can happen in a poker affiliate business. One minute you think you are taking over the online poker marketing space, the next you wonder if you will be able to eek out a living.One way that this fear can manifest itself is perfectionism. If you constantly try to make everything perfect, you will never produce anything. Because nothing ever is perfect. Nothing. Ever.So stop trying to make it perfect and keep trying to make it better.Perfectionism comes from a fear of what other people will think of us or what we will think of ourselves. As hard as it is, realize that it’s none of your business what other people think of you. And realize it doesn’t f***ing matter anyway.What you think of yourself is very important. That’s why putting forth your best effort in you poker marketing business is crucial. Once you can do that, you will be a success.We know this because we lived through it ourselves. The software behind Poker Affiliate Solutions was literally years in the making. We resisted a formal web presence because we “didn’t think it was ready.” But it was better than good enough. It was great. Is great. Anything that can power another person’s business and literally make them hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars is GREAT.Is it perfect, no. Will it ever be perfect? Probably not. But we have a whole office of people working on it to make it better. And that’s all we can do.The results, when we finally launched the PAS website, have been overwhelming. Requests have poured in. That shows that once you put aside your fears and let your best efforts be known to all, you will then have the chance to succeed.

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