Poker Affiliate Solutions v3 Launching in March!

After over a year in development Poker Affiliate Solutions v3 is ready to launch this month! The latest version of our software is the strongest yet. Featuring the same Ruby On Rails technology that powers Twitter, Basecamp, and YellowPages PAS v3 will be the most powerful poker affiliate software around.Starting this Friday Tony and I will be writing semi-weekly blog posts outlining the new features of PAS v3 and how they can help you succeed as a poker affiliate. Our goal at PAS is to give you the absolute best possible tools and technology to help you maximize your earning potential as a poker affiliate. These new features include:

  • Multiple Campaign Management
  • New, More User-Friendly Interface
  • SEO-Friendly CMS
  • “Smart Group” User Tracking
  • 5 New FREE Premium Rakeback Templates
  • Fully Customizable Offers Pages

As announced in our forum PAS v3 is launching at 5:00 AM ET on Sunday, March 21. Join the discussion in the PAS forum!

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