Philip “The Chairman” Tom wins event #11, $5,000 NLHE Shootout

With a starting field of 360 players, Day One reduced the field to only 36. On Day Two, the 36 remaining players were divided into 6 tables and played down to the final 6.

On Day 3, the seat assignments are as follows:
Seat 1) Greg Mueller
Seat 2) Thomas Roupe
Seat 3) Philip Tom
Seat 4) Leo Wolpert
Seat 5) Timothy West
Seat 6) Sirous Jamshidi
Each player had $1,000,000 in chip counts.

The first player to be eliminated was Thomas Roupe after having his chip stack greatly damaged on the previous hand. Thomas Roupe called the pre-flop raise of Leo Wolpert. Wolpert’s hand was Ah Kh and Roupe’s hand was Ts 7s. Roupe needed some serious help to beat Wolpert. The board presented 9h 4d 2c 5d 9c and Roupe was sent home in 6th place with $38,070 in prize money.

Tim West got all-in the pre-flop and faced the odds with his pocket 9s against Wolpert’s pocket Ks. The board came 2h, 7h, 4c, Jh, Ts and Tim West was sent to the rails in fifth place taking home $63,450 in earnings.

Jamshidi was feeling good about his pocket Js and he re-raised all-in pre-flop form the BB. But when Philip Tom turned over AA and the board gave Jamshidi no help, he was sent walking in 4th place with $118, 440 in prize money.

From the small blind, Leo Wolpert pushed his remaining stack of $425,000in the middle. Mueller called, but he was sorely disappointed when he saw his K 2 going against Wolpert’s K 3. Wolpert remained safe as the flop and turn were shown, but when a 2d hit on the river Leo Wolpert was eliminated in 3rd place with $187,812.

On the last hand of event #11 the board read 9d Jh 3c. Tom raised to $150,000 and Mueller re-raised it to $350,000. Tom then raised it enough to put Mueller all in. Mueller made the call quickly and flipped over Js 8d for the top pair, but Tom had him beat when he flipped over Ad Jc.
The turn: 5h
The river: Kd

Greg Mueller was pushed to 2nd place earning $298,638. Philip Tom on the other hand, won $477,990 and a WSOP bracelet.

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