PAS Promotion Winner: Trip Report

Hello Guys,My name is Rodolfo and I was the one who won the first PAS PUBLISHERS PROMOTION. The prize was an entry to the British Poker Tour Main Event, that was held in Bristol, England. The package included not only the tournament, but the travel and hotel expenses as well.When I saw that I won the promotion, I got very excited! That’s because I have never traveled outside Brazil before. I didn’t even have a passport!Unfortunately, I didn’t win anything at the tournament. I was playing quite well, but my lack of live experience made the difference: after 8-9 hours I started to play real bad and spewy.At first I got a little upset with this, but later I realized that it was just a tournament, and I didn’t even have to pay anything to play in it. I must say that it was very interesting to meet a new country, but after spending one week at the cold winter of England, the only thing that I concluded is that I love Brazil. The food, the weather, the people. It was definitely a good experience, but I guess nothing is better than our home, right? I want to thank the PAS team that made this travel possible, especially to Tony for all the assistance. I would like to thanks Dimitrios from Eurobet as well, that helped me a lot as well.RodolfoMenosRake, Brazil Rakeback

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