Party Poker Million Dollar Hand Promotion

Party Poker is offering its Million Dollar Hand Promotion for a second time. The first time Party Poker held the promotion they gave away over $700,000. Nobody was lucky enough to make the Royal Flush for $1,000,000 so they are giving players a second chance. Between now and June 28th players will receive a free card for every 15 PartyPoints they earn. Each card can be used to make a 5 card hand for a total of 48 poker hands. Players will win anywhere from $3 for a pair, $10 for two pair up to $10,000 for a straight flush and $1,000,000 for a Royal Flush.Players that sign up for Party Poker through PAS also get to participate and an exclusive $10,000 PartyPoint chase where players will get paid depending on which points tier they achive during the month. There is no cost to players or to publishers to participate in either of the promotions. If you have not yet added Party Poker to your PAS site and would like to please contact Tony at publishers (at)

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