Party Poker Launches Championship Challenge

[imgalign=right][/imgalign]If you are a Party Poker or WPT Poker affiliate, you have likely seen the benefits of increased interest in the poker room from promotions such as World Domination, Gladiator and Card Rush. With the introduction of the Championship Challenge on Monday, Party Poker is introducing it’s latest cash-based promotion that is sure to be of interest and line the pockets of your valued members from now through the end of June.

About the $100,000 Championship Challenge

The promotion works much in the same way World Domination has in previous months, so if you are familiar with that promotion, you should have no problem understanding the Championship Challenge. Instead of cities and countries, players earn one “Football Player” for every 10 Party Points that are accumulated during the promotion period. Like World Domination, only a certain number of Football Player game pieces are awarded, so players are encouraged to get rolling on the promotion as soon as possible if they are interested (there are still 3.3 million left so not that much rush).

Players can earn up to 100 Football Player game pieces per day. The football players will feature prizes ranging from freeroll entries (a $1k freeroll entry for the Italy Striker, for example) to cash prizes up to $20 (the Poland Goalkeeper). Not all football players will yield instant prizes, but they will contribute to “Team” prizes. The prizes increase when completing Teams — four players from a country. Earn the entire England team and receive $50; earn all the Poland players to receive a $1,200 prize. There are over a dozen additional countries that players can complete that will yield prizes ranging from $75 to $900.

The prizes don’t stop there, however. Earn all four countries in a group to receive huge prizes ranging from $1,000 to $7,000, depending on the group. If a player manages to complete all four groups, Party Poker will award an incredible $100,000 cash prize.

Championship Challenge Freerolls

Many of the instant Football Player prizes that are awarded by Party Poker are freeroll entries ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. These freerolls will be held after the promotion from July 5th to July 8th.

Marketing the Party Poker Championship Challenge

If you have Party Poker members that have registered through your sites, make sure they are aware of this promotion through social media, news posts, front page features, mailers or any other high visibility marketing channels. The benefits of this promotion combined with VIP rakeback up to 50% can be unbeatable. New players can also take part in a 100% up to $500 sign-up bonus and of course, all players can currently enjoy the exclusive $20,000 Tournament Fever Series running through May.

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