New Features for News Management!

Today we’re launching improvements to the News Management feature of the PAS Content Management System (CMS).

When you create a news post, the PAS system will use the post’s subject to automatically generate an SEO friendly URL.

We have changed the News Management page to display the generated URL and to include direct links to the post page. The table displaying all posts is now paginated too, which should make the page load faster.

You will find a new CMS Page at “rakeback-news/view-post.html”. This page will be used as a template by the CMS when displaying any news post. The {{ news_post }} token will be assigned automatically based on the news URL you’re visiting. The title, meta_keywords, and meta_description HTML tags will be populated by the fields you entered in the News Post creation form (unless you left them blank).

Finally, to facilitate generating a SEO friendly link to a news post, we have added the “url” attribute to the {{ news_post }} token. If you have an existing website, you should make sure that the “rakeback-news/rakeback-news.html” and “rakeback-news/quick-rakeback-news.html” pages –which list the most recent news posts– have been updated to use the {{ new_post.url }} token to generate the direct links to the posts. Using the current default ‘rakeback-news.html’ page content as an example:

<h1 class="pas">Rakeback News</h1>
{% for news_post in news_posts %}
<h2 class="pas"><a href="{{ news_post.url }}">{{ news_post.subject }}</a></h2>
{{ | date: "%m/%d/%Y"}}<br/>
<p>{{ news_post.message }}</p>

{% endfor %}

We hope that these new features will facilitate the administration of your news posts and increase your Google rankings.

Note: We include the numeric post ID in the first part of the URL to prevent existing outside links from going “dead” if the post subject is changed.

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