Monday Sales Call: Writer’s Block

I wasn’t sure what to write about tonight. I have been slammed with work all day and my brain is mush! Couple that with lack of sleep this weekend (blackjack is the devil) and my creative writing skills are that of an 8 yr old.So I decided to write a handy checklist for poker webmasters to use when writing content for their own portals, articles, and blogs.[ ] Write about big name tournament pros. They are major draws to our industry and new players love to hear about their success/failures.[ ] High Stakes results. Report on the high stakes games online AND live. How was the action in Bobby’s Room this summer?[ ] Where are the fish playing these days? Do some research (poker friends, forums, etc) and let your players know where the best games are.[ ] Write Part 2 updates on previous blog posts you have written.[ ] Tell readers about YOUR poker experience. Where you started, where you are at, and how you got there.[ ] Learn a new poker game and write about it.[ ] Write about the poker set up you have. Screens, mouse, programs, etc.[ ] Write a trip report. Poker related trip or not, trip reports are always entertaining. (Also helps if you get drunk and do something embarrassing that is worth writing about)[ ] Go to your local casino and play some poker. Write about your experience playing live versus online.[ ] Poker Gossip: How did Phil Ivey end up in his WSOP prop bets?Tony

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