Monday Sales Call: The PAS News Feed

We will be launching the PAS News Feed function for our Publishers this week. The News Feed allows Publishers to post current poker room news as well as news specific to your rakeback site (such as new offers, promotions and stats updates). If you would like to have the News Feed on your rakeback site, please enable the News Feed by clicking on the “News Admin” link under your “CMS” tab. Next, click on the “Enable” link on the top right of the page. You must enable the News Feed for each site on which you wish it to appear.The PAS support staff will be posting current poker room news that will appear on the front page of your rakeback site. We encourage PAS Publishers to make posts as well via your News Management System. These posts will only appear on your rakeback site and provide another means of communication between webmaster and player. Remember, if you want to have the News Feed appear on your rakeback site you MUST enable the feed!We advise that Publishers who are not offering all available rooms to not opt into the News Feed. Also, for our international publishers, please be aware that these news posts will appear in English and may need to be translated (news posts can be translated and deleted through your sites’ News Management System). If you have ANY questions, feel free to contact me at Publishers (at)

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