Monday Sales Call: Spam

As Internet marketers, we are confronted with spam everyday. We see spam in our email box, the forums we visit and the blogs that we read. At PAS, we send out emails to potential partners that we would like to work with and to our publishers and players. Being a person that detests spam and spammers, I sometimes wonder whether I am part of the problem or the solution. Am I spamming potential partners by sending them emails informing them of our rakeback solution? Do I spam publishers every month when I send out the PAS Newsletter?Recently I had a publisher tell me “No one reads those things. They are pointless”. The newsletters we send to PAS publishers informing them of promotions and new poker room offers provides a service. While some publishers may choose to immediately hit the trash button, there are those who find the newsletter to be informative. I think the latter group is much larger than the group who treat the newsletter as spam.The traditional “spam email”, is the practice of sending unwanted email messages to an indiscriminate set of recipients. I don’t send emails to clothing websites asking if they would like to embark on a partnership with PAS. I only send emails to websites that I believe could benefit from the services that we offer at PAS. At the end of the day I tell myself that I am informing these people of a service that they may be interested in and one day benefit from.Best,Tony

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