Monday Sales Call: New Year Resolutions

The New Year is upon us and we need to start thinking about where we want our business to be this time next year. Every promising business should have a plan of action. Whether a detailed business plan or a simple list of goals, we need to put pen to paper.Here are some suggestions of goals you can set for your rakeback site in 2009:- Set a target MGR per month for the first quarter of the year. Re access this target number at the end of the quarter and set a new goal for the second quarter of the year.- I will have ______ new sign ups in the first quarter of the year. Again, re access this target number at the end of the quarter and set a new goal for the second quarter.- Analyze your players. How many of your players are generating over $100 in MGR? How are these players getting to your site (referrals, links, etc..)?- I will have _____ real money players in the first quarter of the new year. This will help you gauge how well your site is converting sign ups to revenue generating players.- If you are using Google Analytics (which you should be!), set a goal of how many unique visitors your site will have in each individual month of the first quarter.- Set page rank goals for search terms that relate to your site. Example: For the term “Brazilian Rakeback”, I want to be on the first page by the end of the first quarter. Furthermore, set goals for yourself to work on the SEO of your site so that you can increase your page rank for relevant searches.- I will write ____ articles per month in 2009. Unique content is one of the easiest ways to increase your rakeback sites’ search results.- Target poker forums and portals to advertise on. Set aside ___ dollars in January for your advertising budget. Contact poker related websites about getting a backlink to your site.- How can you increase your brand loyalty (design work, promotions, advertising, etc.)?- Join a poker affiliate forum and become a regular posting member. This will enable to build relationships within the affiliate community that WILL convert to future business ventures and partnerships.Don’t get caught treading water in 2009. If you do not have plans and/or goals for your website, you are losing traction in the marketplace.Happy New Year!TonyAffiliate Manager

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