Monday Sales Call: Don’t Be Ordinary

Last week I talked about branding and the impact it had on a recent purchase I made. Building a brand is extremely tough; especially so on the Internet. There are thousands of sites which promote online poker and most of them contain similar messages. Here is a poker room, this is their bonus, and here are the games they offer. Sprinkle in a little “Countries Accepted” and “Deposit Methods” and you have a recipe for 90% of the sites out there.Sure, players are looking for this information. But how are you conveying it to them? It is important to connect to the visitor right off the bat. You can do this by using personal reviews of products or services. Relay to the user your experience with using Holdem Manager or playing $1/$2 6 max on Full Tilt. How are the games? Do they play loose? Maybe players are bettor off moving down a level to play in juicier games (and thus more profitable). Connect with the player on a level they can relate to.Rakeback already provides players with an incentive to sign up through affiliates. But why stop there? Give your viewers even more incentive by conveying your message in a way that connects and relates to the reader’s experience. This connection leads to trust and trust is the cornerstone of branding.Tony

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