Monday Sales Call 10-20-08

Niches within Niches

One of the biggest problems with Poker Affiliate Marketers, or most businesspeople/entrepreneurs for that matter, is the desire to be all things to all people. Too many have the mindset of “Build a good website or a good business, make it as all inclusive as possible, and watch the customers flock.”

But most fail to ask the question…What do those customers have in common?

If the answer is, “They are all interested in Playing Poker,” chances are, you could do a lot better. That answer is too high level. If you only try to appeal the customer at the highest level, you have no real hook.

Narrow it down:
My customers are female.
My customers are interested in getting Rakeback.
My customers live only in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Now my customers are women from Erie, Pennsylvania interested in getting rakeback while playing poker. That’s a niche within a niche within a niche within a niche.

The disadvantages to this, of course, is that the potential customer pool is smaller. But the advantage is that it is so much easier to own that market. The smaller the market, the more you can become the dominate player, the more word of mouth gets around about you, and the more you can target your offerings based on the market.

The biggest mistake people make in business is forgetting to ignore some potential customers while giving extra attention to the subset of customers they do target.

In the Erie example, my niche was too small. But too small is better than too large. It’s easier to be a smashing success with your target market when you go too small. And if you do encounter this good problem, you should be able to easily replicate the process.

In poker marketing, you can target by game type, game limits, country, state, sex, desired incentive method, other hobbies besides poker, and many, many other groupings. And in rakeback, as an example, even just a few players can make you a success…Rakeback Site for Sale.
In addition, read this post by Seth Godin, which conveys a similar idea a lot better than we can.

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