Matt Keikoan wins WSOP Event #7, $2000 NLHE

Shannon Shorr fell short of a bracelet in this years WSOP event #7, 2k No limit Texas Hold em’. Instead, Matt Keikoan won event #7 and took home $550,529. Shorr went home in second with $349,142. The final table seat assignment and chip counts were as follows:
Seat 1: Matt Keikoan-$1,011,000
Seat 2: Tran Theo-$1,884,000
Seat 3: Shannon Shorr-$627,000
Seat 4: Gill Carter-$652,000
Seat 5: Manole Mihai- $1,020,000
Seat 6: Chris Bjorin-$205,000
Seat 7: Mike Lasanti-$358,000
Seat 8: J.C. Tran.-$273,000
Seat 9: Alex Bolotin-$345,000
The first two to hit the rails were Mike Lasanti with $50,705 in 9th place and Alex Bolotin went home in 8th with $72,436.
J.C. Tran was eliminated in 7th place with $94,166. J.C.’s T-T ran into Gill’s KK but got no help from the board.
Chris Bjorin left in 6th place making $123,141 in his 39th WSOP cash. The British pro’s attempt at a 3rd bracelet was cut short by Carter Gill. Bjorin put his last 61k all in and Mihai Manole and Gill called. The flop was Qh, Ts, 5h and a check-check came from the two players left with chips, another check-check came after a 9s on the turn, and more checks after a 8h on the river. At this point, Chris realizes he’s going to be walking soon,with his Kc, 9c not going to get him anywhere. Manole’s 6s, 4s wasn’t worth anything either, but Gill’s 7s,6c rivered a straight to officially sent Chris Bjorin walking.
Mihai Manole was eliminated in 5th place with earnings of $155,013. Theo Tran raised 60k pre-flop, and Manole re-raised to 160k. Tran called and saw the flop of 8, 5, 3. Manole then bet out 150k, and Theo adds 200k on top. Mihai went all-in and regretted the decision when he saw Tran’s pocket 5s. Manole’s A-8 didn’t improve and he was eliminated.
Tran Theo, after a significant blow to his stacks, was looking to regain control of the table. He started by putting all his chips in the middle and Gill quickly called it with two red jacks. Yet, Tran was only holding a pair of red sevens. The small crowd got on their feet to watch the flop of Ks, 4h, 2h, and the turn of Kh and a 5d on the river. Theo Tran went home in 4th place, receiving a check of $191,231.
After just a short fifteen minutes into the three handed play, Gill raised 107k from the button and both Matt and Shorr make the call. The flop: Kc, Qh, 4h. Keikoan bet out 100,000 and Shorr called. Gill pushed in his last 12k. The turn: 2c, Keikoan bet 350k, Shorr folded giving Matt the side pot. The hands are shown and Matt has Ac, Kd for top pair. Gill has 8h, 6h with a flush draw. But the river wasn’t a heart and Carter Gill was eliminated in 3rd place with $228,897 in prize money.
It was down to the final two. Hand after hand one player would declare “all-in” and the other would fold. So, when Shorr moved all in, it wasn’t a big deal. But, when Keikoan called, every one got excited. When their hands were turned, Shannon showed Ts, 6h and Matt showed Ks, 5s. The flop: 5h, 7c, 7d. It looked bad for Shorr, and the Qd on the turn and a river of Kd sent Shorr to second place and Keikoan going home with a bracelet.

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