Life is hectic

I am getting married on September 20th, my company is constantly undergoing changes, being challenged, and adapting. This is great, but at times it can be overwhelming and the pressure can really build. My fiance, Ann, is freaking out about the wedding and all the crap that goes along with throwing a party for the day of your marriage. This is by no means a pity party, I am thrilled with my life, business, fiance, and realize I am EXTREMELY lucky to have these problems. I wanted to get myself and Ann unplugged from our lives for a few days. I found a cabin in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin about a 3 hour drive from the Twin Cities. The place had no internet, no tv, and was just a tiny log cabin in the middle of the woods!!! This is right up my alley, my plan to destress Ann may have backfired though. I think no TV or internet may have added to her stress 🙁 Well done Chris(A for effort though).[singlepic=3,320,240,,]We got there Saturday and had a little fire with marshmellow roasting and a trivia battle. We love to read Trivial pursuit cards to eachother and keep track of who answers the most right. She almost always kicks the crap out of me :([singlepic=2,320,240,,]On Sunday i got to do a little fishing. Pretty nice small mouth if i do say so myself.[singlepic=4,320,240,,]This is my dog finley, i am obsessed with her, and if I take to writing in this blog about my personal life more, you will undoubtedly hear about her, she rules my existence and every one in the office and my future wife are sick and tired of hearing about Finley and watching me fawn over her…..hahahIn owning my own business there is very little separation between my personal life and my work life. Work is ALWAYS on my mind. There have been times when I am working in one or another every waking hour of my day. This is really not a healthy way to live, for me personally, and at some point my business will suffer as a result. There is some point of diminishing returns and there is a lot to be said for having a healthy balance of personal life and work life. When I strike that balance I find my work is output is of a much higher quality and my personal life is extremely pleasurable. Anyways, unplugging over this past weeekend was great for me and enabled me to come in fresh for the upcoming weeks fires that would inevitability arise and need to be put out.

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