Google Instant Launched Today

Google made the biggest change to their search engine in recent memory. Search results will now be displayed instantly as you type your keywords into the search box. For an example please watch the video below.

Why is Google doing this? Well, for starters you will now save approximately 2-5 seconds per search, finding your results faster than ever before. From a business standpoint this change is huge. Google Ad words results will now see a massive increase in impressions, and theoretically clicks.

What does this mean to the affiliate marketer? Its all speculation right now, but if I had to guess we will see a massive decrease in the use of longtail keyword searches. People will find the result they are looking for within the first 3 terms they search, negating the need to keep typing.

Will this lead to webmasters adding spelling errors in attempts to rank for half written words? I don’t know if anything THAT drastic will happen, but let me give you something to think about. The keyword search Poker will return 4 different results if you type it in slowly. Here are the #1 results when typing in Poker.

P – Pandora
PO – Powerball
POK – Pokermon
POKE – Pokermon

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