Going From a Home Office to a Traditional Office

I started working for PAS in March 2008. I set up an office in the basement of my house in a spare bedroom. It seemed like a dream to be able to work from home and watch the kids grow up. As time went by and the workload from PAS grew it became more and more difficult to stay efficient. I started to associate work with home life and it all seemed to blur together. It became especially hard as my now 3 year old daughter grew and always wanted to play which interfered with work.Since I live in a remote mountain community the only place away from home that was close with the internet was the local tavern. It is a rowdy, smoky hole in the wall biker bar with a small casino in it. Not exactly the place to be productive although it was nice to get away to a change of scenery.Recently PAS hired a former coworker of mine Craig from Bonus Whores aka Gonzo787 to help with the ever growing content needs of PAS. He lives about 15 miles from me so it was decided PAS would expand into a second office. We now have a “PAS West” office. I had mixed feelings. I knew a change of scenery for work would help with my productivity and Craig and I needed a place for training and meetings. We rented a small office about 12 miles from my house. That sounds far but most of the drive is scenic mountain two lane roads and there isn’t anything closer.We have been in the office for two weeks and there is a noticeable change in my productivity. The location change certainly helped with some of the inefficiencies and more importantly it gives me somewhere mentally to leave my work. I can leave the stress at the office and go home and enjoy my two kids and wife’s company.If you work at home and feel home and work becoming one consider finding a professional suite or small office where you can leave work behind. The office I found was very inexpensive. You might just find the small expense of an office will help your productivity skyrocket and make your home life happier.

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