Features v. Pricing

It used to be that, in the marketplace, you could compete on price or you could compete on other value added features. Examples include better product, better service, more features, etc. This is no longer the case. Now, you must have a better product with more features, the best customer service AND the lowest price.
This blanket statement may not hold true in the brick and morter world, but it is, no doubt, true online. Examine, for one, the king of the Internet, Google. Nearly all of their products are best in class with best in class features – adwords, adsense, gmail, analytics, feedburner and more. And they feature the best prices in all of their niches.
Sure, Adwords may be the most expensive in the search advertising space, but it more than makes up for it by being the best value.
As far as service is concerned, their products are so good and so complete that virtually no service is needed.
Content is often free. Email is often free. A myriad of Internet delivered services are free. And, on the Internet, best in class features and best in class pricing usually go hand in hand.
Poker Affiliate Solutions has taken these lessons to heart. No one else offers turnkey rakeback software completely branded to the publisher. Period. But we didn’t stop there. No one else offers better payout rates to publishers than PAS does either. Best in class features, best in class pricing – we’re learning from the Internet.
Note: Poker Affiliate Solutions is completely free to set-up. Best in class pricing means the highest payout rates TO THE PUBLISHER!

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