Farzad Rouhani wins WSOP Event #10, $2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low-8 or Better

Official chip counts for the start for the final table:
Seat 1) Yequi “Rich” Zhu- $87,000
Seat 2) Tom Chambers- $235,000
Seat 3) Greg Pappas- $304,000
Seat 4) Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi- $231,000
Seat 5) Daniel Mowczan- $122,000
Seat 6) John Racener- $180,000
Seat 7) John Cernuto- $285,000
Seat 8) Farzad Rouhani- $513,000
While playing Stud/8, Michael Mizrachi got all in on the river against Rich Zhu. At the river their cards were as follows:
Michael: 7 2 Q 3 (AJ2)
Rich: 4 A 9 T (Q66)
Michael wasn’t able to make a qualifying low and his pair of ducks were not enough to beat Rich’s pair of 6s, so Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi finished in 8th place, earning $24,095.
Playing Omaha/8,Daniel Mowczan was all-in two hands in a row barely surviving by taking half of each pot. But soon after, he had all his chips in again, and received action from John Racener and Tom Chambers. On the river, the board read Q J 7 J T and John R bet, Tom folded, and John turned over AK62 for the straight. Daniel’s A654 sent him to the rails winning $28,557 in prize money in 7th place.
Playing Stud/8, John “Jmoney” Racener finished in 6th place earning $37,481 after he got all his chips on the table by the river against Farzad.
John R: 9s 6s 5d 3h
Farzad: 3d Ad 2d 9c
Racener tabled KK3 for Kings-up, but Farzad showed Q10d for the flush.
With a board of Tc, 9h, 7h, 2h, Ts in Omaha/8 Greg Pappas got all-in against Tom Chambers. Tom showed Ks Qh 9c 4h for the flush and Pappas mucked. Greg Pappas finished in 5th place earning $48,190.
Rich found himself all-in preflop while playing Omaha/8 with AQ95 against Farzad’s AAK3, the board helped neither player and Yequi “Rich” Zhu was eliminated in 4th place with $63,807.
Soon after, on a board of Js, Th, 7s, 5h, and John Cernuto went all-in with T753, two pair. But Farzad was holding Ac Qh 9s 5s and a flush draw. With the Ks on the river, Farzad hit his flush and sent “Miami” John Cernuto home in 3rd place with $86,117.
As the heads up play commenced there were some split pots, but then Tom got all-in on a flop of 7 3 3. Farzad was holding 9832 (trip 3s) and Tom held AT92 and needed a low card to split and/or two runners to give him a high hand. The turn was an Ace, giving him two pair, but the river was a 3, giving Farzad quads and the win. Farzad Rouhani won $232,911 in prize money and his first WSOP bracelet.

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