Erick Lindgren Wins First Bracelet

Erick Lindgren came into the #4 event of the WSOP as being known as the best poker player to never win a bracelet. By the end, he walked away with $374,505 in winnings and a bracelet. The chip count to begin the final table was as follows:David Williams 678,500Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo 517,500Erick Lindgren 345,000Howard Lederer 324,500Roland de Wolfe 194,000Andrew “Good2cu” Robl 162,000Isaac “Ike” Haxton 115,500Pat Pezzin 108,500In just the second hand of play everything started to get interesting. Isaac Haxton raised to 18,000, and Erick Lingren re-raised to 60,000, Haxton moved all-in for his final 70,000 and Lingren made the call. When their cards were turned:Lingren: Qs, QhHaxton: Ac, KsBoard: 6h, 5s, 2h, 8s, and a 7h.With Lingren’s Queens holding up, Hexton was eliminated and walked away with $35,109 in prize money.Pat Pezzin was eliminated in Eighth place after getting all his chips got in the middle against Andrew Robl before the flop. When their cards were turned:Robl: Ad, KcPezzin: Ah, QsBoard: 8c, 5d, 3s, 10d, 10s.Pezzin went home with $35,109 in prize money.David Williams was eliminated in Seventh with $58, 515. Rheem started the pot with a raise and Williams re-raised. Rheem four-bet the action, and Williams moved all in. Rheem made the call. When their cards were turned:Rheem: Kc, 10dWilliams: As, 3sOn the board: 10h, 8d, 5c, 6c, 7cHoward Lederer went out in Sixth place with $74,119 after him and Bonomo three bet a pot pre-flop and Lederer going all in in the dark. Once their hands were shown, Bonomo beat Lederer’s pocket fours.David Rheem was eliminated in fifth place with $93, 624 after raising to $50,000 pre-flop and de Wolfe calling, after the flop de Wolfe and Rheem both checked. With a 9h on the turn and 8s on the river and a flop of As, 10h, and 4s. Rheem moved all in and de Wolfe called. Rheem was beat out by Wolfe’s 8h and Js.Roland de Wolfe was gone in fourth place with $117,030. He raised the pre-flop to $48,000 and Bonomo called it. After the flop was presented Bonomo checked, de Wolfe bet $85,000 and Bonomo check-raised all in. De Wolfe called it but was beat by Bonomo’s flush.Andrew Robl walked away in third with $144,337 after boldly moving all in pre-flop and Bonomo calling him and beating out his hand.Lindgren turned up the heat during the limit portion of his HU match with Bonomo, he quickly took five pots in a row and huge chip lead leaving Bonomo in a desperate situation. On the final hand dealt for the bracelet, Lindgren raised to $80,000 on the pre-flop and Bonomo made the call. The flop came out as:10h, 5c, 3dBoth players checked.The turn: 4h. Bonomo bet $80,000, Lindgren called.The River: 8h. Bonomo bet $80,000, Lindgren raised $160,000. Bonomo went all in and their hands were shown. Bonomo had a 5s, 4s for two pair, but Lindgren won the pot with Ah, 2h for a straight and $374,505.

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