David Singer wins WSOP Event #3, $1,500 PLHE, earns first WSOP bracelet

David Singer has won the $25,000 Heads-Up World Championship, placed 9th in the WSOP Main Event and finished second in several WPT and WSOP events. Until today, he had never won a WSOP bracelet.
The final table at the $1,500 Pot Limit Hold’em event featured an all American cast of players. Seats and chip stacks at the beginning of play were as follows:
Seat 1: Russ Harriman 206,000Seat 2: Joe Tehan 458,000Seat 3: Jacobo Fernandez 428,000Seat 4: Zachary ‘Carter’ King 139,000Seat 5: Al Barbieri 271,000Seat 6: Gregory Alston 179,000Seat 7: Glen Bean 75,000Seat 8: David Singer 83,000Seat 9: Robert Lipkin 305,000
The short stack of Glen Bean was the first to be knocked out. Bean called all in with his remaining 21,000 chips after Zachary King raise the pot to 24,000. Bean confidently claimed that he was “going to win this one,” when he showed his Jh8c to King’s AhQh. The flop and turn were in his favor, showing 9c8s3d9h. The river would end his confidence when it delivered an Ac. Bean exited in 9th place, and earned $19,464.
With few chips remaining, Al Barbieri raised all in under the gun with Kh6d and was called by Singer, who held AcQd. The flop paired Singer’s ace, showing As9c2h. The turn and river, 4hTs, were no help to Barbieri, who earned $26,764 for his 8th place finish.
Shortly after doubling up, Zachary King found himself pot committed with Ad8h and was forced to call all in against Greg Alston’s AhAs. Needing a miracle to stay alive, the flop came KhTd9d. Runner runner diamonds were the miracle he was looking for; but they were not to be. The turn, 9h, and river, Jd, left him one card shy. King walked away in 7th place, pocketing $34,063.
Joe Tehan, the chip leader at the start of final table play, had been on a downward slide until he hit rock bottom against Jacobo Fernandez. Tehan was all in preflop with JhTh against Fernandez’s 9c9s. The flop missed both players coming 2dQdAs, giving Tehan 4 extra outs. Neither the turn, 8s, nor the river, 7h, were saving graces. Tehan left in 6th place, pocketing $43,796.
Only having 100,000 in chips, Russ Harriman’s all in was an easy call for Greg Alston. Harriman’s QcQd looked good when Alston showed his AhJs. The flop revealed 2d3sAd, leaving Harriman in need of another queen. The turn and river came 5c5s, eliminating Harriman in 5th place, and earning him
Robert Lipkin pushed all in over the top of Singer’s raise from the button. Singer called and showed his JsJc. Lipkin’s 7d5d would need a lot of help if he was to stay in the tournament. The board was unhelpful on this hand, showing Qh2sTs9s2c at the end of the hand. Lipkin took home a 4th place finish and $67,640.
Being a distant 3rd in chip count, Greg Alston moved all in with pocket Jacks, which looked good until Fernandez caught an 8 on the turn to make his pocket pair a set. The river was unable to save Alston and left in 3rd place, winning $82,725.
The final two hands of over four hours of heads-up play provided a huge amount of excitement. Singer doubled up on the second to last hand when his AhKd turned into two pair against Fernandez’s 5h5d giving Singer a huge chip lead.
With his tournament on the line Fernandez played his 7c3h. He flopped two pair when the board showed 3d5s7d. The turn was a 6c. Singer bet 40,000 into Fernandez, who raised to 180,000, only for singer to come over the top and re-raise to 480,000. Fernandez called, moving all in. Singer showed Qs4s, for the turned straight. The river was a Jh. Fernandez left in second place, with a $136,643 payday. Singer’s first WSOP win earned him $214,131.

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