Conversion Rates and Retention: Are you paying attention?

One of the most integral parts of being a successful poker affiliate is putting time into testing the offers on your website. Why does Poker Room X have the top spot on your site? It may be that the offer pays you the highest commission. It could be that the room is one of the largest and most popular sites on the web. While returns and popularity are important when determining your offer layout they shouldn’t necessarily be the driving factor.

Let’s say the offer for Poker Room X pays you 35% revenue share while the offer for Poker Room Y pays you 30% revenue share. The extra 5% commission is obviously nice but it doesn’t necessarily mean your long term net income will be higher with Poker Room X. In this example, let’s say Poker Room Y converts at a rate 15% higher than Poker Room X. Furthermore, the player retention rate for Poker Room Y is 27% higher than the retention rate for Poker Room X. You are far better off going with Poker Room Y. Long term your return will be higher and your players will be happier.

It’s VERY important to look at conversion rates and retention when ordering your offer list and call to actions. Run a stats report in your PAS Admin. See which rooms are converting the best and where you are seeing the highest retention and monetary return on your players. Then layout your offers accordingly using the PAS Website Offers Admin or your own CMS.


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