Affiliate marketing creates so many opportunities. To be successful an affiliate needs to know a lot about the product they are trying to sell. This does not just go for poker, it goes for any product. While you can purchase articles to help sell your products or add fluff to your website the best way to go is to be passionate about the product that you are promoting.

It seems to me that there are affiliates in online poker that would not know the difference between a flush and a full house. Those affiliates can take their experience from other types of marketing and make some money. The affiliates that are going to make the most money are the ones that truly understand their online poker offers.

How many of you have played at as many of your poker room offers as possible? When you go to the trouble of playing on every network that you offer you can be fluent on every aspect that an online poker room has to offer. How easy is it to deposit? How fast and knowledgeable is support? Does the software lag or crash? How fast does the bonus clear? How long did it take to get your winnings? All of these are important for you to know when promoting online poker.

Once you have experienced each poker room you can add your opinions and observations to the poker room reviews on your website. You can also answer questions that players ask you with the confidence that you are giving them correct information. When you take care of your player’s questions quickly and correctly they are more likely to tell their friends.

Not only is this information useful on your own website but you can use your knowledge in poker forums to answer questions. While you should not spam your website some forums will allow you to add a signature or link in your profile. I get many refers to my blog from poker forum signatures and profile links. It is safe to say that many of those clicks came from people that liked my posts and wanted to find out more about me. If a potential player feels confident that I am knowledgeable about the products I am selling they are more likely to trust my opinion and try my products. This means I will convert more players.

This does not just pertain to online poker. This goes for anything. If you find a lucrative affiliate program out there do not just farm out your content. Do the work yourself. Get to know the ins and outs of that product so that you can write effective, quality content for your visitors. If you are passionate about the product that you are promoting then you will rewarded for all of your hard work.

Posted in Blog by John Mehaffey