Becoming an Online Poker Affiliate in Minutes

Every online poker affiliate started out small. Many started just by referring their friends to their Poker Affiliate Solutions account. Others had existing websites that were aimed at online poker players and added our turnkey poker affiliate website to their existing website to add to their income. Either way a great second income was generated or for many the income became primary.

If you do not already have an existing website it is easy to create one with our turnkey, white label online poker affiliate program. All you have to do is create an account with us and you are instantly in business. Your new poker affiliate business will be live on the internet as soon as you create an account with us. If you do not already have a poker related domain then to improve your results you should buy a domain name from a domain registrar such as Godaddy. For around $10 you can create a domain for your website and add it to your PAS profile. You should choose a domain with poker or rakeback in it unless you would like to create an entirely new brand.

Once you create your domain we will provide you with your Domain Name Server information that you will need to enter into your registrar’s control panel. In less than 24 hours your new domain will propagate across the entire world and potential players that type in your domain name will find your new poker affiliate website. If you choose not to buy a domain we will host your poker affiliate website through a sub domain of

Many new online poker affiliates got started by referring players that they know in real life. Most potential online poker affiliates know live poker players. These players can be from home games or casino poker rooms. Talk to those players and let them know how much fun online poker is. Let them know that when they play online poker as opposed to brick and mortar poker they will pay less rake, play more hands, not have to toke dealers, not have to deal with live players, dealer errors and they will receive better promotions such as rakeback, VIP programs and bonuses. We even offer a free bankroll bankroll affiliate program to players where they do not even have to make a deposit to play online poker for real money.

PAS offers many tools to help you convert players. In addition to our exclusive bonuses and the highest rakeback percents allowed we offer dozens of pages of content to get you started on your new affiliate website. We also offer a refer a friend program where your satisfied players are able to refer players that they know and get a percent of their friend’s rake. It is a built in sub affiliate program that allow your players to become affiliates under you without any work on your part.

If you already have an existing poker or gambling website then adding our turnkey poker affiliate website to your existing forum, poker coaching site, free bankroll site, sports site or any other type of gaming site is a road to instant profit. It only takes a few minutes to add our offers to your existing domain. The domain name will be We take care of everything. We negotiate your deal with the poker rooms, instantly create your content and we handle your player support. We handle any issues that may come up between your players and the poker room with seven day a week player support. We also address any concerns that you may have with our in house affiliate managers with years of online poker industry experience.

If you have ever considered becoming a poker affiliate then Poker Affiliate Solutions is your answer. We offer dozens online poker rooms to players from countries all over the world, including the U.S. In the ever changing world of online poker we adapt to everything that the industry throws our way. We have been in the online poker business since 2004 and were the first to offer turnkey online poker websites to affiliates looking to capitalize off of the lucrative online poker industry. Please contact us if you have any questions about our affiliate programs.

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