A Radical Idea, Advertise Products You Use!

At PAS, we pride ourselves in giving you options. We’ve been adding a new rakeback offer almost every month and Tony has been working hard to bring you quality CPA and Revenue Share offers.Why so much choice? Well, I like to think it’s because we are providing you with a tool-set that is capable of crafting a wide range of possibilities. Sure grabbing every single possible offer available is one way to go, but it’s just that, one possibility among many.Consider Woot, a (successfull) site that dared to be different Amazon may sell kitchen sinks, books and electric drill chuck keys, but competing doesn’t necessarily mean offering a wider range of products. Maybe it means offering just a few products that are really appealing to a select demographic.Consider your choices. Perhaps add only those poker rooms you’ve played at or frequent. Stand behind your suggestions, offer tricks to navigate their software or analyze of the skill sets of the average player at that room. The bottom line is to choose a model that appeals to players you personally are capable of recruiting, servicing and soliciting recommendations from.This is not a one size fits all solution, but perhaps the size that fits you will fit the players who can identify and succeed with you!

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